Why caramel? This is a common question, so here goes:


We understand that feeling of getting to the end of the day and wondering how you went from drinking your morning coffee to making dinner (substituting a glass of wine for the coffee). You've blown through the day, taking care of kids, work, pets, the gym, spouses.  Basically taking care of everyone and everything. We get that because we do it too.


In caramel, we wanted to treat you to an experience, not just a piece of candy.  You deserve it.  And we wanted the word “treat” to do double duty. I mean, you multi/triple-task, why shouldn’t your caramel? Our caramel does that double duty. As a sweet treat, it's big enough to satisfy without feeling overindulgent, has flavors rich enough to create a moment, and a melt-in-your-mouth consistency so you can finish and move on with your day.


And, we created a unique size – bigger than your average caramel – because we want you to treat yourself with a minute to yourself, to give you the opportunity to eat it slowly and savor.  Savor the flavor, savor the time - Tahana caramels give you all that because you deserve all that. And because we're pretty sure you don't take it for yourself.


So, we make unforgettable caramel. You make your moment. And then go back to ruling the world. Because if you won't, who will?

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